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A step-by-step guide to selling

Create a listing
Upload a great photo of the item you want to sell, write a detailed description including searchable hashtags (#), and finally, set the price.

When you add an item, the instant calculator will show you exactly how much money you’ll get, so that you can set your selling price accordingly.

Check out our guide to creating the perfect listing.

Wait for buyers
When another Shedd user shows interest in your item, be friendly and patient, provide more details or photos if asked, and respond quickly.

It’s sold! Time to ship
When someone has bought your item, you’ll receive a notification message from Shedd. Now all you need to do is prepare the item to be picked up by the courier.

The process of delivery
The courier will call you to arrange the pickup of the item.

Get your payout!
Your payment will become available in your bank account on Payout days.