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Our top safety tips for selling items on Shedd

We love Shedd and our amazing community, who make it what it is. Here are a few tips on how to make a safe purchase:

Describe your item as accurately as possible. Letting potential buyers know more information about the item in the ad’s description helps increase your chances of selling it and avoid disputes from buyers. 

Inform the buyer about your return policy. Do you offer refunds? If so, what is the refund procedure?

Sell using Pay and Ship. This way if something goes wrong we can work to investigate the situation. If you sell an item via bank transfer, meet-in-person transactions, or other out of app methods that are not recorded in our system, you are not eligible for Shedd Protect.

Sell Authentic Items only. We have a list of restricted items that we invite you to read. Please report any item you think is breaking our rules. Any item or user profile that we consider ambiguous or disrespectful of our Terms, will be removed from the app.