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Shedd etiquette

Shedd is more than a marketplace, it is a fun and friendly community that spans around the world, so enjoy! We only ask that you follow these few simple rules.


Only list originals

It’s illegal to buy or sell counterfeit items. There’s no place on Shedd for fakes or unauthorised copies, we’ll remove any items we consider to be replicas or if we feel there isn’t enough evidence to confirm its authenticity. Users who continue to list fake items will be banned.


Use your own pictures

Only use your own photos, don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun.

Do not google your item for a catalogue image.

Do not borrow, loan, filch or ‘liberate’ another users’ photos from Shedd, Instagram, eBay or wherever you may find them, it’s not cool.


Don’t send spam

Do not spam, just don’t. Spam can include, but is not limited to:

  • Any unsolicited comments or private messages sent to other users
  • Any unsolicited advertising via comments on other’s items or private messages. Yes this includes, 'Check out my Shedd’, or ‘Huge sales on my Shedd, check it out’
  • Hashtags or lists of keywords in descriptions that do not directly relate to the item you are selling. Do not refer to other items you’re selling on your Shedd shop in a listing or suggest that your item is similar to more than one brand.


Do not intentionally offend, harass or abuse other users

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Posting screenshots of other users with negative or accusatory comments
  • Commenting or sending private messages of an aggressive nature

Don’t use Shedd as an outlet for negativity and abuse, if you have any issues with other users get in touch through the ‘Speak to Us’ section inside the app.