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A step-by-step guide to buying

Find an item you like
Shop for items on the explore or just added page, or from the search.

Chat with the seller
Click the message button to open a conversation with the seller. There you’ll be able to discuss details of the item, such as the condition, original price, age and ask for more photos. You should also discuss returns with the seller as it is at their discretion whether they offer refunds on their items.

Make your purchase
Press “Buy Now” to pay for the item. The first time you do that, you'll be asked to enter your card details. For payment, we accept debit/credit cards. Be sure to double-check that your delivery address is correct. Keep in mind that the final price you pay includes the delivery fee. Note that the delivery fee is standard across Shedd and is not amendable by either the buyer or seller.

Delivery Process
You bought an item - yay! The seller will accept your order and prepare your item for delivery. You can check the shipping progress via the transaction screen. Now, sit back and wait for the courier to deliver your item. Keep in mind, this may take five (5) working days. The courier will give you a call on the number you provided so make sure to keep your phone by your side!

Delivered! Leave feedback
Once the item is delivered you have 24 hours to confirm everything is OK, after that the transaction on that item will be closed.