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How do I list a ‘luxury’ item?

If you have a luxury item you want to sell on Shedd, we need to ask you to follow a few simple rules to make sure that buyers are correctly informed before purchasing.

Please know that all posts that do not follow the rules might be removed without notice and the profiles that repeatedly break the rules might be permanently closed.

What is a 'luxury item'?
We consider 'luxury items' all popular designer items with an RRP over AED 500
. Brands that are considered 'luxury' include, but are not limited to Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Fendi, Moschino, Armani, Burberry, Supreme, Nike, Adidas, Rolex.

All pictures must be high-quality shots taken in clear light and against the same background. Blurry, dark, unclear pictures, pictures with different backgrounds in the same listing and stock images are not allowed and will be removed. The listing must show the quality and authenticity of the item, so when you take a photograph make sure it is a full picture of the item. 

On occasion, particularly in the case of disputes, we might ask you to send us further proof of authenticity, such as proof of purchase or additional pictures. You must be able to provide it, or we might decide to remove the item or rule the dispute in favour of the buyer.

When you describe your items, make sure you include a detailed description of its condition - any faults or signs of wear must be accurately described. One-word descriptions or unclear descriptions might result in the item being removed.

The hashtags (#) must be pertinent to the item you are selling. Incorrect hashtagging might result in your item being deleted.

Also, you cannot associate an item to a brand if the item was not manufactured by them. For example, you cannot describe as 'Chanel inspired' any item that's not been manufactured by Chanel.

We recommend you this guide on creating the perfect listing.