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How do I get featured on the ‘Explore’ page?

The Explore section is curated by the Shedd Editorial Team - in line with the in-house style. To improve your chances to be featured, make sure you have:

  1. A great item for sale. We love anything original, sought after or unusual.
  2. Original, high-quality photography. Featured photos will never have borders or watermarks. We do not feature e-commerce screenshots either. Products shot in natural light (close to a window, not directly under the sun) on a clean, interesting background sell the best.
  3. No spam hash-tagging. Too many or irrelevant hashtags mean your item will be hidden from searches, so use them accurately!              

Once you've ticked off all the above, one of our editorial staff will review it during the listing approval process.

Here are some Do's and Don't to creating the perfect listing...

DO take photos in natural daylight. Try to photograph your item in the morning as natural daylight is best. If you’re indoors open as many curtains/blinds as possible!

DO arrange your items in an interesting and clear way. Be inspired by fashion and lifestyle bloggers - experiment!

DO model the item yourself. We always encourage the ‘selfie’. If you’re selling jewelry, for example, splash on a new coat of glossy nail polish and model that gorgeous ring.

DO have a clean background so that your item stands out. Get your item to stand out by having a clear background.

DO iron before listing. Show everyone how much you love your item by giving it a little TLC before photographing.

DO include a clear profile image. We all feel a little more comfortable if we know who we are talking to - consider uploading a profile picture. If you are a brand, then we highly recommend you upload your brand logo.

Do include a short, engaging item description. Consider including where you purchased it, whether it is new, old or used, original price, size, brand and material. The more details you include here, the easier it will be for the buyer to know they definitely want your item!

DON'T use images that are blurry or out of focus. Using blurry images may turn off the buyer and therefore try to aim for a crisp, clear photo. It may take you a few attempts to get there, but it’s worth it!

DON'T make photo collages. We want to keep Shedd looking as clean and simple as possible. By uploading a single image of your item you are helping Shedd users better identify your product.

DON'T let your item droop off the hanger. Let’s be honest, none of us would go on stage without having had a quick glance in the mirror beforehand. Shedd is the stage for your preloved item – let it make a scene.

DON'T have distractions in the background. Remember you are promoting your item to all the fashionistas in Dubai so having a washing machine or the pet cat in the background is not a good look.

DON'T use watermarks. We want your stunning items to speak for themselves, and it is important for us to keep the explore page looking fresh n’ clean!