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Seller Shedd Protect

As a seller, we safeguard your Pay and Ship orders from checkout to delivery.

You are covered against a dispute raised by a Buyer if you have made the following clear before the order took place:

  1. You stated the correct information (ex.size, color, etc.) in the item description as printed on the item tag/label
  2. You made clear of any damages on the item and you informed the Buyer via Shedd in app chat
  3. You packaged your item well enough so that it would be protected against any possible damages during transit.
  4. Buyers may not dispute against your item if it is lingerie, underwear, socks or hosiery
  5. Your item was described as authentic and upon inspection by the Shedd team, was in fact authentic

A buyer has the option to raise a dispute in the app within 24 hours of receiving the order.

All sales made outside of Shedd, including meet-in-person transcations, are not covered by Shedd Protect.

Also, prohibited items and items against our posting rules are not covered by Shedd Protect.

Click here to find out more about how a dispute is raised.