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Buyer Shedd Protect

As a buyer we safeguard your Pay and Ship orders from checkout to delivery.

What is covered in Shedd Protect for Buyers?

  1. The item you received is completely different from the item described/shown in the listing:
    • Example: you ordered a blue dress but you received a yellow shirt.
    • Example: seller advertised the shirt to be a small size but the tag on the item says large
  2. The item you received is damaged and this was not disclosed via the Shedd in-app chat:
    • Example: seller confirmed there are no damages, but you found a hole on the shirt.
  3. The item is damaged en route because protective packaging was insufficient.
    • Example: seller sent the crystal bracelet in a plastic bag and you received it in pieces
  4. The item was described as authentic, but upon receiving the item you discover it is counterfeit
    • Example: seller advertised an authentic Louis Vuitton bag but upon receiving this you found it to be a replica.


What is not covered in Shedd Protect for Buyers?

  1. Items such as lingerie, underwear, socks and hosiery.
  2. The size of the item is as described but it just doesn’t fit you.
  3. You changed your mind about buying the item and the item is already in transit. If you decide it’s not your style then you’re not covered.
  4. You did not raise a dispute in the app within 24 hours from delivery.
  5. You met up with the seller in person or arranged a bank transfer or other outside of app transactions.
  6. You did not ask for additional details/photos of the item prior to purchase through the Shedd in-app chat if you find unclear information in the ad. 


Click here to find out more about raising a dispute